Finding Inner Peace

Finding inner peace means putting an end to inner conflict.

When we are in conflict within ourselves we are blocking the flow of life; the flow of love.

If we disconnect from Love, we disconnect from the joy, trust, kindness and forgiveness , that would otherwise naturally arise from within us. At every moment we are facing opportunities to tap into that universal flow of Love... We can learn to turn every challenge into an opportunity to access bits of that truth.

What Is Inner Peace?

Finding inner peace means that you ARE in a state of trust and non-judgment. You embrace this present moment just as it is...

In truth, nothing is "good" or "bad" per se, it is all part of a bigger picture that we can’t always understand from our small and limited perception.

Life never take sides. Life is neutral. We are the ones who add our own “story” to it.

When we let go of those stories and judgments we make about people and situations, we stop the "drama" and naturally re-connect with the pure and unconditional love that underlies everything; the love that we are. We begin to trust life and it becomes our ally instead of our enemy.

...We return to wholeness / oneness and we recognize our Self as something much larger than our body alone…

Also, we are able to let go of that limited sense of me / myself / my life / my problems. When we identify with something bigger than ourselves we don’t feel fearful and vulnerable as when we identify with the little “me” in our heads. Then, our life loses that heaviness and seriousness that we usually attribute to it and our problems don’t seem to be of such absolute importance.

The Gaps of Silence...

Finding inner peace requires a conscious effort to quiet the never-ending (and most of the times useless) chatter in our minds.

By becoming mindful of the present moment, we create gaps of silence in our mind that allow us to hear the wisdom (the inner guide) that resides within ourselves.

There are many helpful articles in this website that will help you understand on a deeper level what finding inner peace means and how you can create more and more spaces of peace in your life.

We will review some very specific ideas expressed at the core of almost every spiritual tradition:

• In truth, there is only ONENESS (You are a part of everything and everything is a part of you)

• There is only one eternal moment; NOW

You may also find extremely helpful reading diverse authors/books talking about inner peace.

My favorite ones are: Eckhart Tolle, Jiddu Krisnamurti, A Course In Miracles , and the teachings of Buddha. Also, it is almost mandatory to incorporate meditation techniques in your practice. It will help you quiet your mind and regain control over your thinking processes.

Peace Is The Way…

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to detach yourself from your thoughts...

Observe your thoughts as if they were clouds. Let them pass, if they are not constructive, let them go. Don’t believe everything they tell you. Your progress depends on this!

When you are able to detach from your thoughts you are on your way to create much less conflict in your life. You are contributing to a much more peaceful world, for now you know that we are all One…

Self help info reminds you that life is what you make of it, and you have the power to give your life new direction whenever you choose to!

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