The Teachings of
Eckhart Tolle (Part 2)

Here is the second part of this article about Eckhart Tolle 's teachings. And here is the first part, in case you missed it.

Seek and Do not Find

It is so alien to us to believe that we are a perfect expression of consciousness just as we are, that we think we have to add lots of things to our life to become someone “worthy”, to feel satisfied with ourselves. This is completely futile. We are missing the point of human existence. It is O.K. to honor all things and enjoy them when they are available to us but we will never find our true Self in those things.

Why is it futile? Because a fancy car, for example, will satisfy us only for a while but after which the excitement and novelty of it will be gone and then we will have the need to set out in the search of the next great thing that will make us happy.

We are destined to seek and never find, that is the structure of the ego. That is how the ego keeps itself alive. Once you realize Who you really are, it will mean total annihilation of the ego (small/limited sense of self). You will know that Who you really are is far greater than anything you could have ever had or imagined. It surpasses everything and will “satisfy” you for eternity.

Because it is an experience of such unspeakable love, you understand that the isolated, vulnerable, small self is NOT who you really are and you realize that your true essence is not separated from anyone or anything.

The Power of Saying Yes To the Now

The power of being in the present moment is infinite. It is so great that it means the difference between being trapped in our fearful thoughts or simply transcend them and be free from them.

When we say yes to life, which means the same as saying yes to the NOW, universal intelligence flows through us and gently takes over our thoughts. When we resist what life brings in our direction, we create a knot in which universal intelligence can’t flow.

Surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of yielding rather than opposing the flow of life.

Do you think a flower is anxious about dying? Of course not, she surrenders to what is and aligns with the flow of the Universe. It has no other option. Sooner or later we will all cease to exist, so what is the point of being anxious about it now?

It doesn’t mean that you have to accept situations that are unpleasant. Accept the situation, and whatever feelings you have towards it, and then move towards a proactive solution. You will bring about a positive action instead of an action generated by anger or by fear.

When you endlessly resist what already is, you suffer.

A Universal Purpose …

Eckhart Tolle ’s teachings have had immense value to me. I learned that when we connect with the Truth within us, (regardless what name you want to give it; Being, Soul, Spirit, etc.), there is such aliveness and such immense joy that you really feel that you don’t need anything else in life but that. And that is actually the only purpose that we share with the whole Universe; to awaken to our true nature, to remember Who we are.

Eckhart Tolle Books

I prefer the audio books because I can listen to the recordings anywhere; while I'm driving, while I do my walking in the morning (in my Ipod), before going to sleep... It is very relaxing!

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