How to Manage Anger:
A Step by Step Process

I wish they’d taught everybody in school how to manage anger, I am sure we would have a more pleasant world to live in!

Anger and depression are connected. This article aims to teach you practical ways to transform anger into a more positive, proactive energy to benefit your growth and advancement.

The Alchemy of Anger: Turning Hate into Inner Peace…

We have to understand that in any adverse circumstance the real enemy is not the circumstance itself but the reaction we have towards it. The adverse circumstance already exists and sometimes we can’t change it, what is causing all the suffering is our resistance towards it.

We can really make a difference by learning to release that anger fully. If we don’t do so, we’ll build up layers of resentment within ourselves that over time will end up hurting our state of mind.

But how can we learn to release that anger?

Instead of looking outward for the “root” of our anger, we need to look inward. We need to look at anger itself; a powerful thought in our minds, a big cloud that looks very menacing but when we go there, it is just mist…

Dealing with Anger Caused by Confrontations

Another important aspect of managing anger is learning how to be assertive. Being assertive is healthy and necessary but expressing frustration through anger, rage and resentment is not the answer either. You will accomplish much more in a conflicting situation by facing it in full control of your emotions rather than possessed by them.

Also, keep in mind that after a confrontation takes place, your rumination about the insults will keep the anger “alive”. The methods we will learn here will help you put an end to that mental movie. This "movie" is usually based in assumptions and not so much in facts. Just being aware of that mental movie you are playing, will help you get rid of it.

Learning How to Forgive is also a very powerful act not only to transform a hurtful situation into a loving one but for your own personal transformation.

I know that every time I encounter a situation that frustrates me, it’s because there is something there for me to forgive. It helps me to remember that other people’s business are truly THEIR BUSINESS and I can only hurt myself if I think that they should act, think and do as I want them to do. This is simply not realistic. It is not our business to direct other people’s lives

Please visit the second part of this article on how to manage anger for the complete step by step process of releasing anger.

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