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Definition of Depression

When looking for a definition of depression we have to understand the difference between the dissatisfaction, sadness and lack of motivation that we all have felt at some point in our life, and what is known as Chronic Depression.

What is Chronic Depression?

Chronic Depression (Dysthymia) is perhaps the most common type of depression. This is a serious condition in which your state of mind is regularly down and gloomy. It changes your normal behavior, your social life and your sense of well being. However, it is not as severe as other types of depression like the major depression disorder or bipolar depression.

The symptoms of Dysthymia are milder but longer-lasting. By definition, Dysthymia lasts for at least two years. However, Dysthymia doesn't necessarily stops you from going to work or from doing your regular activities. Sometimes though, it can isolate you from friends or even your own family.

What are the Depression Warning Signs?

Sometimes we feel stressed and tired from working hard, discouraged when we are facing serious challenges or sad for a loss. These feelings are normal and usually pass. But, when these feelings become persistent for several months or even years it is necessary that you look for professional help ASAP.

If you think you may be suffering from chronic depression, please check these depression warning signs. Chronic Depression causes pain and suffering not only to those who suffer from it but also their families and friends.

Women are at a higher risk of experiencing Dysthymia, but the truth is that any person regardless of age or sex can experience it.

The statistics for depression in men are definitely lower, because much of it is not reported. Men approach their depression in a different way, they are more reluctant to flesh out their feelings.

Dysthymia can also be present in children and seniors.

What about enjoying life again?

This website is dedicated to find ways to help you heal your depression (dysthymia) in a natural, wholesome way.

I offer a comprehensive resource of tools and diverse articles that will empower you in the process of healing your anxiety and depression. Check out my pages about; Natural Remedies, Nutrition and lifestyle.

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