Best Inspirational Videos for Depression

To open a channel for inspirational videos ONLY is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time!

Our regular TV channels are packed with bad news, violent series and reality shows that are mostly crap!

With those kind of shows it is impossible to get inspired!

Below, you will find a selection of videos that will lift your spirits. You can also add some videos of your own for others to enjoy them.

Let's make this our channel for inspiration and encouragement!

Our Deepest Fear...

What is really our deepest fear?

Click here to see more videos from A Course in Miracles

Eckhart Tolle "The End Of Suffering"

Click here to see more videos by Eckhart Tolle

Share an Inspirational "You Tube" Video!

Is there a "You Tube" video that you find very inspiring? Please, share it with others!

I find that videos are a great way to share inspiration and encouragement.

For instruction on how to upload your video, please click on the blue question mark that appears below, right after the "share your video" headline.

Videos from Other Visitors

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"All I can say is THANKYOU! so much for making this site! I was put on anti-depressants when I was 13 (now 20) after a childhood of severe abuse in every imaginable way. Just a few weeks ago I've come off my medications for good and am never going back. I came across this site today, it has helped so much already!


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