Inspirational Stories of Healing

I am excited to open this space for YOU to share your own inspirational stories of recovery.

We all benefit from sharing our journeys of healing and rebirth. Your words of encouragement can mean the world to someone else…

We can be each other's support!

Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to Melissa, an incredible person that has had the courage of opening her heart to us and share her story.

Thank you Melissa, your story inspires us and helps us to remember the well of joy and peace that is ready to burst within us…

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Melissa's Story ...

"I believe that this time it will last - this magic, this bliss this strength… I knew that the path to true healing would be extremely difficult, I knew that inevitable fact from the beginning, and even under the circumstances while I continuously shatter and instantaneously am reborn I am doing better as a whole than ever before in my life!

Most of my life I was nearly powerless, saying and doing what I thought I should do. In the beginning trying my best to be good, to earn praise and the love I never had. Later on, I created a persona which completely controlled me, I acted not as who I am, but as who I thought I should be to myself. This entailed me dressing outrageously every single day and NEVER allowing myself to EVER resemble anything near what I considered normal. That, back then, was the only way I could ever express my eccentricity.

It made me special, and whether good or bad it made me feel like I was SOMETHING. Very little, if any, expression ever occurred animatedly, it was as though I was an inanimate figurine that lay dormant symbolizing what one day would burst through, and until that miraculous day would sit silent, terrified with no real essence or personality…

The only life existing within my mind was on pages of a journal, or splatters of paint on a make shift canvas. Then, quite by accident, I discovered that being gorgeous got me loads of attention and very much false love. Unfortunately, it also was one of the things that killed me the first time; one of my true still living weaknesses.

After attempting to discard my life I packed on 100 pounds in less than a year, it was traumatizing to me. Yet I hid behind my fatness and somehow there developed true personality, true depth, and true soul. I am still developing myself to this day. I realize that this magic will fade, but that it is NEVER gone forever. In truth, nowadays it only remains hidden for a few days tops and is more prevalent than ever before in my life. I am at this moment TRULY ALIVE!

I must accept the beautiful twirling spontaneity which is my life. For every blissful magical moment, there will be a moment where I drown in severe heart ripping pain, it exists for a reason for if I could not feel intense pain, my soul would never evolve, nor would I comprehend the depths of suffering and forever remain blinded, forever shallow and apathetic. If only happiness existed it would become a monotony, just another thing we take for granted, as the rising sun, both exceptionally magical, yet quickly becoming just another thing. I relish in the depth of feeling. I live for changes for if anything remained ever constant it would grow stale, to me it would truly decompose."

About The Author:

Melissa Waltiere

~Melissa Rose Waltiere is a 20 year old sexual abuse survivor and chronic depression sufferer. She is an Artist, a musician and a writer. She is also a constant dreamer, living her life
100 % free of all suppressive medications and free of self harm. She finds the beauty in every day and is married to the man of her dreams.

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We all benefit from sharing our journeys of healing and rebirth. Your words of encouragement can mean the world to someone else…

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