You Already Know How To Be Happy
You Just Have To Remember It!

How to be Happy in Life

Do you really want to know how to be happy? …The truth is that there is no major science to it. It is actually returning to the very basics of life…

YOU DON’T NEED ANYTHING OUTSIDE YOURSELF TO BE HAPPY! Happiness is an intrinsic part of you.

But in order to connect with that joy that is already part of us, we need to clean our minds from all the JUNK that we have collected through our existence.

We need to go through a DETOX plan to get rid of false beliefs. False beliefs like; “We are not good enough” or “We come here to suffer”…. They are contaminating our very existence.

Is There a Definition of Happiness?

True happiness doesn’t have to do with things… It has to do with “no-things”. No-things are invisible to the eyes, but are actually the only “things” that are real.

Peace, love and happiness are invisible to the eyes but they are very real!!! That’s what we thrive for in this world, don’t we?

Unfortunately we think that we know how to be happy… And we think that it is all about having money, the perfect house, the perfect car, the perfect job, etc. We think these things will bring us happiness. But this is a mistaken idea and it is causing a lot of misery in our lives.

When you establish that external factors are the root of your happiness, two things will happen:

• First, you will set yourself in a race to obtain those things no matter what, and you will move away from love and joy to experience a lot of anxiety and stress.

• Secondly, when you do get those things, if for one or another reason you lose them, you will probably feel miserable.

So the question is:

Are these “things” that you want so bad the real answer to happiness?

The answer of course is NO!

Having things is wonderful, but certainly it is not everything.

You have heard many stories about people that on the outside seem to have it all; looks, money, fame but they still can’t figure out how to be happy...

Peace, Love, Happiness…

The real thrill in life is about being here. …It is about reconnecting with the aliveness of "life" within you…

This Life which is rooted in love, happens to be shared by all living beings around you. Realizing yourself as part of that wholeness, is what true happiness is all about.

Once you know this as true, you will realize that Life is bursting all around you… And it is waiting with eagerness for you to come and join!

When you are happy from the inside, you will always be happy on the outside… With or without “things”, that is the JOY OF BEING!

Now, please stop yourself for a moment…

- Stop!

Stop the rush, the stress, the anxiety, the resentment or whatever bad feelings are contaminating your inner state of joy... Stop wasting more time and explore all the different ways to be happy.

You CAN remember how to be happy. It only takes a little willingness and the rest will naturally come to you…

Remember what “no-things” are really important in life… Be grateful for all you are and please, MAKE NOW THE DECISION TO BE HAPPY!

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