Meditation Techniques:
Creating Gaps Of Silence...

Easy Meditation Techniques

The level of self knowledge and self-control that these easy meditation techniques will give you is invaluable. Especially, when you are dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression.

When you are in the middle of a crisis, you are a prisoner of your thoughts... You think you are having those thoughts but the truth is that those thoughts "HAVE YOU"!!!

As I have said all along throughout this website, if we want to live a happier life, we need to learn to take control of our thoughts. Nothing else gives us greater power over our lives!

Here are some meditation techniques that I've found very helpful:

Meditation Techniques (Part 1)

Meditation Techniques (Part 2)

What is Meditation?

One of the most important aspects of meditation is the ability to understand thoughts for what they are ... just thoughts!

When we understand this, we simplify our life immensely!! We no longer have to believe every scary thought that crosses our mind. As matter of fact, we must learn to discern thoughts that are useful, positive, productive and valuable from thoughts that are destructive, hurting, negative and unhelpful.

Actually, most of our thoughts are repetitive and tiresome. We are either ruminating the past or worrying about the future...

The only time in which we REALLY use our mind is when we are in the present moment!!. By practicing meditation we consciously aim to be in the present moment.

When we learn to be in the present moment, we ENJOY the world around us! We are able to let go of worries about the future and grievances from the past, both serve no purpose...

Becoming Aware of your Thoughts

Before you dive into meditation, it is important to start familiarizing yourself with your own thoughts.

If you ask simple questions to yourself, you may become aware for a second or two, of the observing consciousness that Is observing the thoughts.

You don’t need to sit down and find a special place and time to practice this. The idea is that you practice it throughout your day, whenever you remember.

For example, when you find yourself sunk in a stream of thoughts, ask yourself these questions:

• Are these thoughts I’m thinking relevant to my current activity?

• Are these thoughts talking about events from the past or the future?

• Who is listening to these thoughts?

Whenever you are feeling anxious, depressed or worried ask yourself:

• Do I know for a fact that all the dreadful stories I'm imagining are going to happen?

• Can I absolutely and positively know that they are true?

Thoughts are harmless, unless you believe them! Get in the habit of questioning the thoughts that make you anxious and depressed. As soon as you question your thoughts they begin to lose their power over you.

If you make an effort to practice these exercises it will become easier and easier to detach yourself from your thoughts and therefore your emotions and start to observe them instead.

A nice bonus of meditation is that you will be able to connect to your Inner Wisdom. It will become easier to control your emotions and handle challenging situations.

Meditation as an Ongoing Process

The goal of these meditation techniques is to bring the same alertness and stillness that you develop during the practices, to your everyday life.

When you learn to watch your thoughts, it becomes easier to let go of the ones that make you worried, angry or upset.

When you begin practicing meditation you will start to see changes at a physical, mental and spiritual level. The benefits of meditation are indeed endless...

Also, a wonderful "by product" of meditation is getting a good nights sleep!

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