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Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle is a German-born author and spiritual teacher. His work is the result of his own experience and the profound transformation of his life as he went through battling with anxiety and long periods of suicidal depression. Some of his most popular books are The Power of Now and A New Earth

The Power of Now and A New Earth together sold more than 8 million copies in North America alone.

In 2008, about 35 million people joined together in a series of webinars where Tolle answered questions to a live audience. T.V. Personality Oprah Winfrey joined him for this world wide event.

Eckhart Tolle’s work has been influenced by a wide range of spiritual teachings such as the hindu scriptures, the teachings of Buddha, A Course in Miracles and the Tao Te Ching among many others. Included also, are teachers such as Jiddu krishnamurti and Ramana Maharshi.

Here is also a compilation of some of the best quotes by E. Tolle

A Word on Terms…

Here is a brief explanation of some of the concepts that Eckhart Tolle frequently discusses in his teachings:

Ego: It is a mind-made self. A bundle of thoughts carrying our past and our personal story which we have turned into our identity. These thoughts give us a sense of me, myself, my story that arises from our believe in being separated from everything else. In reality the world as we perceive it is not more that an optical illusion of consciousness, in truth there is no space and no time just One life; One consciousness wholly indivisible.

… As the Buddha said: The “self” is an illusion.

Now: The Present Moment. The only moment there is. The past happened as the present and the future will come as the present. It is ALWAYS the present moment. We are fooled by the idea of time as a sequence of separated moments, but in truth there is only One indivisible moment; the present moment.

Being: The eternal One Life underneath all the forms of life. It is formless, infinite and eternal. It is our true essence.

Love: The presence of that eternal One Life deep within myself and within all creatures.

If I am not “me”, then who am I?

To get started with some of Eckhart Tolle Teachings we have to try to understand the fact that in truth we are not a just a form or a body. To be more specific, what we really are is beyond form. It is formless.

Forms, things, bodies, thoughts (which are mental forms) appear and disappear, if they have a beginning they will inevitably have and end. But the Life that we are, the Life that animates us, has no end. It belongs to the realm of the formless; it is infinite, changeless and eternal.

So, our life as we perceive it, is only the superficial level of that One life that underlies everything. What You Are is also part of another, far greater dimension that extends in depth and is NOT determined by space or time. To learn who we truly ARE, we don’t need to become anything different than what we already are. We don’t need any particular accomplishments the way we understand them. We don’t need “credentials”, “assets” or “fame”...

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Eckhart Tolle Books:

I prefer the audio books because I can listen to the recordings anywhere; while I'm driving, while I do my walking in the morning (in my Ipod), before going to sleep... It is very relaxing!

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