Buddha Teachings In Brief
(Part 2)

The embodiment of the Buddha teachings is known as the Dharma.

For Buddhism there is not creationism or a particular deity. The teachings of Buddha are centered in the answer to the problem of human suffering. That is the only thing of relevance. Nothing else matters. Everything else is beside the point.

The Buddha teachings are founded in “Four Noble Truths”:

1. There is suffering: There is suffering in this world. A universal dissatisfaction that we never seem to fulfill. We are always looking and never finding.

2. There is a cause for suffering: This suffering or dissatisfaction doesn’t arise by itself. It is a direct product of our mind. Our thoughts cause it.

3. The end of suffering is attainable: You CAN be free of suffering by understanding the cause of it. The cause of the problem is desire and attachment. Attachment to impermanent things and desire to have, desire to become, desire to experience. As long as we are controlled by our desires, we won’t find true happiness.It is not wrong to desire, but the Buddha said: be smart about your desires. Do not be a prisoner of them.

4. There is a path leading to the cessation of suffering: Follow the eightfold path that will lead to the end of suffering. It cultivates wisdom (right view and intention), ethical conduct (right speech, action and livelihood) and mental discipline (right effort, mindfulness and concentration).

The Wheel of Death and Rebirth

Another important aspect of the Buddha teachings is that we are subjected to the wheel of birth, death and rebirth. To escape that wheel we need to become enlightened, we need to awaken. Every living being carries within itself the seed of enlightenment.

Every life we live is like going through “school” over and over again until we remember what we truly are. That is the ultimate purpose of our existence here.

Buddha was the “awakened one”. He found the answers to escape the wheel of death and rebirth. He remembered who he was and realized that this awakened mind was just an uncovering of a reality that had always been there.

Our ignorance makes us believe that we are a separated, self-centered, egotistic self. When in truth, we are the infinite itself. The Universe IS within our self

And Nirvana is this moment. There is nothing else than this moment. In fact, this present moment is all there is; it is always now. There is nothing to aim for in the afterlife; there is only now, this moment.

Practicing The Teachings of Buddha

It takes tremendous commitment and discipline to practice the teachings of Buddha. But you don’t have to become a Buddhist monk to enjoy the peace and wisdom these teachings will bring you. Once you taste a little of that inner peace you will not be able to go back to your old ways… You will have an immense control over your life, your thoughts and your emotions and from there, there is only a short step to eternal joy; enlightenment.

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