Natural Remedies For
Depression and Anxiety

Natural Remedies For Depression

In my search for NATURAL REMEDIES for anxiety and depression I discovered a fascinating form of energy medicine called Flower Therapy.

FLORA Therapy by LABFARVE® has been successful in the treatment of anxiety and depression. It is totally gentle on the body and completely safe to use.

• It has No unpleasant side effects

• It doesn't create dependency

• In the long run, FLORA® Essences will help you enjoy a better sense of inner peace and wholeness

Flower therapy bridges body and mind helping you in the release of emotional strain and tension. I know that if you combine the essences with the "mindfulness" ideas discussed on this website you will get results!


“Rescue” Essence:

Ideal for moments of extreme sorrow, shock and crisis:

- It helps you to deal with grief and emotional crisis
- It allows you to handle traumatic states of mind

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“Depression” Essence:

Relieves states of persistent sadness, hopelessness and apathy:

-It helps you not to feel overwhelmed by life
-It promotes inner peace and tranquility

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“Anxiety” Essence:

Ideal to calm anxiety, restlessness and extreme fears:

- It promotes inner confidence and trust
- Helps with the starting of new things
(a new job, a new school etc)

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What people are saying...

"I was going through a very challenging phase in my life. I visited an alternative doctor and he suggested I try the "Rescue" essence. I remember I had my first dose while still in the taxi on my way home. It was amazing the sense of relaxation that I felt right away. It was so unusual that I started giggling... As If I had had some drinks... The effect lasted for a short while. It still took time and effort to overcome the crisis I was going through but I can say that the essences definitely made a difference..."

Christian M. Oesterle