Health Benefits of Yoga ...
The List is Endless!

Health Benefits of Yoga

The health benefits of yoga can go a long ways in the healing of many ailments.

Anxiety and depression are often associated with tension and stress.

Practicing yoga regularly can help you relax your body, relax your mind and calm down the distorted thoughts that are causing you fear and pain.

Yoga is the most complete practice I have found. Just try it, you may love it, you may not. That’s O.K. But if you really want to find a lifestyle more than just a workout, yoga is the perfect answer.

What Does Yoga Mean?

Yoga is an ancient philosophy and spiritual practice that involves physical postures and mindfulness.

In Sanskrit, the word yoga means "join in union"... Traditionally speaking, Yoga is the union of the individual or “small self” with the transcendental “Self” or universal consciousness.

Throughout history, yoga has had a predominant position in Hindu tradition. Unfortunately, in western countries, it has been reduced only to the Asanas (yoga postures) that we see everywhere. Yoga is not for the body alone, actually, what the physical postures do is prepare the body for deep meditation.

The List Of Benefits Is Endless...

There are so many benefits of Yoga, the list is endless. Some of the health benefits of Yoga are:

• Lessening anxiety and depression symptoms

• Diminishing stress and conditions like arthritis, asthma and high blood pressure

• Maintaining a healthy weight

• Gentle aging

Physically, the practice renews, invigorates and heals the body. Muscles become tight and toned, the internal organs are massaged and detoxified for optimal function.

Some of the postures guide the spine into a proper alignment and the whole body improves its circulation. You will also improve flexibility, balance, and coordination.

At a mental level, the benefits of yoga are incredible. It relieves stress, anxiety and depression because it helps you quiet your mind and control the flow of unwanted thoughts and worries.

Yoga is not just a workout. It is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that demands true commitment. In exchange, the benefits are infinite.

Practicing Yoga…

There is gentle yoga for beginners or seniors as well as invigorating yoga for more flexible and active people.

The degree of progress doesn’t have to do with how much you can twist or stretch but with how well you are feeling during the practice and how centered your mind, your breath and your movements are.

I usually practice my yoga at home. I watch my Yoga DVD's and find it very relaxing to do it in my own space. You can also practice at different yoga studios. Make sure you find a certified and knowledgeable teacher.

Keep in mind that the clothes you use play an important role in your overall performance. Always choose comfortable clothing.

You will also need a safe and reliable yoga mat.

There is a wide variety of Yoga accessories that will make the practice fun and pleasurable.

A Physical Practice That You Can Truly Enjoy

Yes! you will start seeing and feeling all the wonderful health benefits of yoga soon. These will become a little oasis for your exhausted body and mind… Give that gift to yourself. You deserve it!

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