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A course in Miracles also known as ACIM or the course is a self-study curriculum. Its purpose is to re-train our mind. It makes an essential distinction between knowledge and perception; the real and the unreal.

Knowledge is truth. Truth is timeless and changeless. On the contrary, the world of perception is made by the belief in opposites. It is the world of time and impermanence. It relies on interpretation, not on facts. It is the world of birth and death.

Although the language of the Course is founded in traditional Christianity, it conveys a non-sectarian spirituality whose aim is inner peace . A Course in Miracles is a universal spiritual teaching and NOT a religion.

What Are The Teachings About?

There Is Only One Life

What the Course In Miracles states is that we ALL are the Son of God. The Christ presence is within each one of us.

We are His Son; the One Life that is eternal, changeless and infinite… There is no separation between God and His Son (us):

“There is no love but God’s, and all of love is His… There can never be a difference in what you really are and what love is. Love’s meaning is your own, and shared by God Himself. For what you are is what He is.” (Lesson 127)

But our mind made a choice. We chose to see ourselves separated from God and the rest of His creation. We chose to believe that we are nothing more than a frail and vulnerable body, separated from everything else. With this decision perception replaced knowledge and fear replaced oneness and perfect love.

Our “mission” here is to remove all the barriers we imposed on Love. Those barriers are not real. Perfect Love can’t have conditions. Our function here is to understand that separation is not real. It is but a bad dream; a wrong choice in our mind. Correcting that error means awaken to our true nature: Oneness.

The Ego vs The Spirit

The ego is that part of our mind that is identified with the body and the world of perception. It is the "little I" that is concerned with self-centered goals. It craves external approval and external possessions to enhance its sense of self.

The ego is fighting hard to convince you that a body is all you are and everything and everybody is against you.

The ego is sustained by fear. Fear arises when we identify with littleness. On the contrary, when we recognize and trust the magnitude of what we truly are, it is impossible for fear to take place.

Every thought of fear strengthens the ego and keeps the illusion of separation and littleness in place. We are terribly afraid of everything but mostly we are afraid of death. We fear the annihilation of that body we feel so identified with.

But, somewhere deep within our self, there is a Voice whose source is knowledge and it is constantly reminding us of our true nature. This Voice doesn’t always succeed because the ego voice always talks first and louder, but when we silence our mind we can hear that Voice. This Voice is what A Course In Miracles refers to as the Holy Spirit, the Voice for what is true. It is the Voice for healing.

Choose again…

This Voice is always there to guide us, actually you can think about it as your inner guide, because it is literally inside you. In your heart. But in order to hear its guidance we first have to be willing to give up our belief in fear.

Love and fear cannot co-exist. Perfect Love is true, eternal and changeless. It is the nature of God. Fear on the other hand, is false. If we nurture our thoughts on fear, we leave no room for Love to step in.

Whether the body follows the goals of Spirit or the ones of the ego depends on a choice made by the mind. That’s it. Most of the time our mind listens to the ego and sometimes it listens to Spirit but the beauty of it is that if you made the wrong choice, you can always choose again…

The body is neutral. It has no mind on its own. It is nothing more than a learning tool in the world of perception. The body is just a temporary vehicle to use in our purpose of awakening to our true identity; oneness.

In reality, there is no death. This world of death, hatred and scarcity is but a bad dream. An illusion our mind made out of fear…

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