My life.... Izzy's life...

by Isabella
(san diego,california)

First of all my name is Izzy or (Isabella). I have anxiety, depression and ADD. I am 14, in 8th grade going to high school. I was 12 when I had anxiety and saw a therapist. That helped a lot but it got worse.. 2011 summer I was 102 but then I went through a terrible depression and now I know I have ADD. People saw me change terribly.

During summer I wouldn't eat sleep or go anywhere outside my room. I felt this weird sick feeling. I don't know how to describe it, but it was the worst feeling EVER. I wouldn't see friends the whole summer and I felt like I wasn't even alive. I felt like I was in a dream. I lost 7 pounds and didn't even get a tan. I went to some therapists but no help at all. They did not get what I was going through. I really thought my life was over...

When I started 8th grade it was very hard. I had to take all sorts of medication and it was just a mess! I would always wonder when I would go back to normal. But I saw more therapists and found a doctor for my prescription pills that helped. Every single night I would cry and ask my self (when will this feeling go away, why am I not normal, am I even normal, does everybody hate me?) Every night I cry and try to focus but because of my ADD I couldn't pay attention.

My life was like a dream I could not control. But somehow I can manage it now... The ADD made everything worse. My grades went low, so low I couldn't go to the winter formal dance. But now I am feeling so much better I am still having trouble with everything but with the therapist I have now, the doctor and 6 pills a day they are helping me back to normal. I am on my way to the life I want and had dreamed of.... Thank you mom, dad, friends and of course God.

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Oct 22, 2015
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