Natural Remedies for Depression:

FLORA® Flower Essences by LABFARVE

Natural Remedies for Depression

FLORA® Essences

are 100% natural remedies for depression and anxiety that combined with the practice of mindfulness and meditation open your mind and help you observe your emotions under a much clearer light in which a real healing can happen.

Let's learn a bit about FLORA Essences:

• How are FLORA® Flower Essences Made?

• Why do Flower Essences Work?

• How are Flower Essences Taken?

• When can I expect to see the changes?

How are FLORA® Flower Essences Made?

Flower essences are made from the most evolved and important part of the plants: the flowers!

The flower molecules and its molecular vibration modes are pulled to a solvent by a process called “maceration”. The solution that results keeps the energetic properties or “imprint” of each flower intact.

LABFARVE®, the laboratory that makes FLORA® Essences, has diligently worked for the past 18 years to create the best synthesis of the three most important flower therapy systems in the world: Bach System (England), Bush System (Australia) and California System (United States).

Another advantage of FLORA® essences over other flower essences is that LABFARVE implemented a classification of every essence according to the emotional disorder it addresses. This makes it much easier for individuals to find the right combination for them.

Do not disregard the fact that you can also experiment with the essences and find the one that most appropriately fits your needs.

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Why do Flower Essences Work?

Flower essences work because they act at the emotional level not the physical level. We are not talking about a pharmaceutical drug that acts in the brain to create a false sense of happiness like antidepressants do. The power of FLORA® Essences is that they address directly the emotional imbalances.

Flower Therapy was discovered more than sixty years ago by an English surgeon named Edward Bach. Dr. Bach was a pioneer in understanding the connection between our emotional bodies and our physical health.

Our mind and our body are one thing. For the body to be whole, the mind needs to be whole and this is what Dr. Bach understood.

Because flower essences carry the energetic properties of each plant, they help you to heal your own energetic imbalances. They make you more aware of your feelings and emotions and boosts your ability to face demanding situations with more serenity.

Often, people taking depression medications are able to progressively reduce their need of medications by using FLORA® Essences. It is important to remind you that these are natural remedies for depression and ARE NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE THE EVALUATION AND TREATMENT SUGGESTED BY A HEALTH PROFESSIONAL.

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How are Flower Essences Taken?

FLORA® Flower essences can be taken directly from the bottle. The usual dose is 4 drops underneath the tongue four times a day.

During acute states of depression the frequency can be increased from every 4 hours to every 2 hours.

The flower essences are natural remedies for depression that do not have contraindications or unpleasant side effects. They can even be used with kids or pets.

You can take up to four different essences. If so you decide, the easiest way to do it is to mix 4 drops of each essence in a glass of water and take it with the recommended frequency. An essence or combination should be discontinued when you feel you have completely absorbed its healing.

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When can I expect to see the changes?

The average time for the essences to really begin to help is between 3 and 4 weeks. It is recommended that you use an essence for at least this period of time to fully experience its impact.

In the long run, FLORA® Essences will help you flow through life with more trust and confidence. People that have been using our FLORA® Essences for a while, report that they enjoy a better sense of inner peace and wholeness.

Do remember that the best way to use the flower essences is by combining them with the meditation exercises and mindfulness, practices that I have emphasized all throughout this website.


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Natural Remedies for
Anxiety and Depression

Natural Remedies for Depression and Anxiety

Rescue Remedy

Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Anxiety Remedy

Natural Remedies for Depression

Depression Remedy

What people are saying...

"I was going through a very challenging phase in my life. I visited an alternative doctor and he suggested I try the "Rescue" essence. I remember I had my first dose while still in the taxi on my way home. It was amazing the sense of relaxation that I felt right away. It was so unusual that I started giggling... As If I had had some drinks... The effect lasted for a short while. It still took time and effort to overcome the crisis I was going through but I can say that the essences definitely made a difference..."

Christian M. Oesterle