FLORA Flower Essences FAQ

Are there any harmful effects from taking FLORA flower essences?

FLORA essences have no harmful effects. There is no risk of intoxication, overdose or unpleasant side effects.

Can I take FLORA essences if I am on medication?

Yes. Often, people taking depression medications are able to progressively reduce their need of medications by using FLORA® Essences.

Now, it is important to remind you that these are natural remedies for depression and ARE NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE THE EVALUATION AND TREATMENT SUGGESTED BY A HEALTH PROFESSIONAL.

Can I use more than one essence at a time?

You can take up to four different essences. If so you decide, the easiest way to do it is to mix 4 drops of each essence in a glass of water. The recommended dose is 4 times a day.

What if I don't notice any changes at all?

It takes at least 4 weeks to begin feeling the changes. Give it at least that time for them to work. At the same time, do combine your FLORA essences with the practice of mindfulness and meditation to boost the effectiveness of the essences.

Will FLORA essences make me feel worse?

Although it is very rare, sometimes you can experience some discomfort while taking the essences. Flu like symptoms or dizziness may appear. This is normal. It is the way your body is reacting to the remedies. It is also the way your body is reacting to the “emotional cleansing”.

Becoming aware of inner changes may take some practice.

What kind of care should I have with my essences?

1. Store your essences in a medium to cool environment.

2. Don't keep your flower essences close or next to strong aromatic products (incenses, perfumes, aromatic oils etc). Their powerful vapors can compromise the quality of the essences.

3. When you are taking the FLORA essences, do not touch the dropper with your mouth and do not place the dropper on a dirty surface.

4. Try to keep the time you have the essence bottle open to a minimum.

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What people are saying...

"I was going through a very challenging phase in my life. I visited an alternative doctor and he suggested I try the "Rescue" essence. I remember I had my first dose while still in the taxi on my way home. It was amazing the sense of relaxation that I felt right away. It was so unusual that I started giggling... As If I had had some drinks... The effect lasted for a short while. It still took time and effort to overcome the crisis I was going through but I can say that the essences definitely made a difference..."

Christian M. Oesterle