About LABFARVE Laboratories

LABFARVE laboratories are located in Bogotá, Colombia. They were founded in 1971 by Dr. Jorge Piñeros Corpas, a prominent Colombian doctor and scientist.

LABFARVE and its pharmacology laboratory consists of a group of highly regarded scientists. It is without a doubt one of the most respected laboratories working with medicinal plants in the world.

Colombia possesses a big portion of the Amazon rain forest. It is among the three countries with the largest biodiversity in the world and it has more than 60,000 different flora species. From this number, approximately 10% are medicinal.

About The Products:

Labfarve has diligently worked for the past 40 years to create the best natural remedies available in the market.

PLUS® line of herbal supplements. They are made with exclusive formulas that combine diverse medicinal plants from the most bio-diverse environment in the planet: the Amazon.

FLORA® Essences. These flower essences are made with a synthesis of the three most important flower therapy systems in the world: Bach System (England), Bush System (Australia) and California System (United States).

Another advantage of FLORA® essences over other flower essences is that LABFARVE implemented a classification of every essence according to the emotional disorder it addresses. This makes it much easier for individuals to find the appropriate combination.

All LABFARVE products are assured full extraction. This is an exclusive procedure in which the concentration of all the active principles of the plant are 200 times higher than any similar product. This aspect makes it easy to guarantee the effectiveness of the product.

It also makes sure that the medicinal plants are freshly cut and free from any toxins, pollutants and fertilizers. They are actually watered with purified water.

Also, LABFARVE laboratories understands the need to practice a sustainable use of medicinal plants. There is no need to destroy natural resources. To prevent this, the company has designed especial green houses where the medicinal plants are cultivated.

All the products by LABFARVE are subjected to a strict quality control before they are released to the market.

LABFARVE has been approved by the FDA to commercialize its products in the U.S.

Your Purchase Helps to Make a Better World!

A percentage of the proceeds from any of the LABFARVE products sold are destined to the “Niños de la Tierra” (children of the land) foundation. A non-profit organization that assists children between 5 and 17 years old that are forced to work the land in the Colombian country side due to the poverty of their families. The money received helps building schools and ensuring them education.

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Natural Remedies for
Anxiety and Depression

Natural Remedies for Depression and Anxiety

Rescue Remedy

Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Anxiety Remedy

Natural Remedies for Depression

Depression Remedy

What people are saying...

"I was going through a very challenging phase in my life. I visited an alternative doctor and he suggested I try the "Rescue" essence. I remember I had my first dose while still in the taxi on my way home. It was amazing the sense of relaxation that I felt right away. It was so unusual that I started giggling... As If I had had some drinks... The effect lasted for a short while. It still took time and effort to overcome the crisis I was going through but I can say that the essences definitely made a difference..."

Christian M. Oesterle