Reconnect with the Peace, Love and Happiness that you are…

Peace, love and happiness are aspects of your true nature… Your true nature is not separated from life.

Once you feel part of that life, you start to recognize its presence underlying everything around you. You feel safe and supported. You feel strong enough to overcome your fears….

Recognizing Your True Nature

As I said before, peace, love and happiness are the true aspects of your being.

Your purpose here is to reconnect with them. You may be thinking that this is something extremely difficult that you can only achieve at some point in the future, but the truth is that they are already within you… RIGHT NOW!

You will find them as soon as you remove all the thoughts that are fostered by hatred and fear. Quiet that voice in your head that complains and whines all day long. The one that keeps on reminding you who hurt you 10 years ago or is terribly worried about the future…

That voice is not really you...

You can perfectly separate yourself from it; these are my thoughts about a specific situation, and these are the facts. Those facts are always neutral. YOU CHOOSE how to look at them and that determines your happiness or unhappiness about the situation.

There are many ways to learn to take control of your thinking. They have been around for hundreds of years and you will find some of them in this website.

Moving Away From Love

The Universe expresses its beauty through you. When you look at the exquisiteness of an orchid or hear the singing of a bird, that is the Universe mirroring back to you, your own beauty.

When you are in a state of peace and love you bring light to everybody around you.

What I mean by being in a state of peace and love is that you are not in a state of doubt and fear. You trust the wisdom of the Universe and the unfolding of life. You don’t oppose life but rather become one with it.

This state of love that I am talking about doesn’t mean what we traditionally associate with romantic love. The state of love I am talking about is the absence of fear…

When fear is not polluting your life, your true nature shines through.

As it is beautifully stated in the the introduction to A Course In Miracles; “…The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, which is your natural inheritance…”

When you are in that state of connectedness with the wholeness of life, you flow through life gracefully...

Every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow. You can turn a state of resistance into a state of acceptance. You will not be paralyzed by fear. You trust the Universe as your partner!

Now, when you move away from that state of love and trust, and invite fear and doubt into the party, you shut yourself off from the flow of life and the opportunities that life has to offer. You suffer because you are in a place that is alien to your true nature.

Life is unbiased… It is neutral, it doesn’t take sides. We are the ones that add all the judgments to it and therefore all the drama.

When we are happy, we become a vehicle for the Universe to express itself.

When we are in fear we suffer, we worry. We pollute ourselves and everything around us!

A Prayer For Peace Love and Happiness

If peace, love and happiness seem to be a remote reality for you, remember that you can always ask for help...

Just go in the privacy of your bedroom or whatever place you find more appropriate and sit in silence.

Close your eyes and ask wholeheartedly for guidance…

Ask to reconnect with the love that you are. Ask for fear to fade away and let your light shine through… Ask to be inspired to reach for that peace that is within you

This is just a simple suggestion but just try to CONNECT TO YOUR HEART and make your prayer personal. I am sure you will find the necessary words…

Prayer plays a strong role in restoring peace love and happiness. Prayers are healing.

You Are Not Alone...

The whole Universe is here to support you. You CAN restore the peace love and happiness that you are missing now.

It only takes a little willingness to trust in that wonderful power that is within you. It is always there to help you during this journey. Just ask, believe, and if you truly want it, you will see a miracle manifest...

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