Low Self Esteem Signs
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Low self esteem signs can sometimes manifest as conflicted relationships, financial problems, addictions, health and weight issues …

The truth is that without a loving self-image it is impossible to nurture healthy relationships and success in any area of your life. If you don’t feel you are worthy and deserving of the good things in life, you will simply not get them. You become a tight cluster that is not flowing harmoniously with life and what life has to offer.

It is like you were telling life;

- “Hey, having this or that sounds very nice but I don’t think I am deserving of it”...

and life answers;

- O.K. that’s fine…

Because life is pure love, it trusts you completely. It doesn’t judge your decisions as right or wrong, it follows them with dutiful diligence. Life gives you exactly what you ask from it.

Let's review the "Low Self Esteem Signs Checklist"...

Major Low Self Esteem Signs

I will not be able to mention all the possible low self esteem signs. Especially, because I think in some degree we all struggle with self esteem issues. It is an epidemic that has taken over humanity.

Many of us do not trust, love and respect ourselves the way we are supposed to. Our society is deeply rooted in patterns of fear that keep a vicious cycle of hatred and competition towards ourselves and others.

But roughly, I believe that these are the most important symptoms of low self esteem:

1. Anxiety and Depression

This one is amongst the most notorious signs of low self esteem. If you suffer from depression , you probably can’t see the positive in any situation that you face. This whole website is about healing anxiety and depression so make sure to explore it extensively.

2. Feelings of Guiltiness

This is a big one. Feeling guilty is the root of many conflicted relationships. Many of us live under a thick cloud of guilt...

Sometimes the feelings of guiltiness are hiding in the unconscious mind and you are not sure what you are feeling guilty about. You can tell if they are present by looking at your life situation.

If what you see is:

• Huge debt and financial problems
• Weight and health issues
• Chaotic relationships
• Addictions

There is no doubt you are feeling guilty about something…

The only way to return to self love is by learning how to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for the things that you did, or didn’t do, for being in a certain way and not the other… Making peace with yourself is possible. Please stop punishing yourself!

Now, you have to find out what is that you are feeling guilty about... You may want to start by looking at your life situation and the things that are not working. These are good clues to shed some light on the issues you have to address, or the areas where you need forgiveness in order to manifest the true happiness you deserve.

Life mirrors back at us the way we see ourselves...

If we are full of fearful thoughts, guess what, our life circumstances will probably look pretty ugly… Then, we really have to examine what is going on inside of us and work on healing it before we can see any changes outside of us. Dedicate as much care and attention to it as you would to any other health problem.

Feeling guilty can also be very subtle and manifest as being very apologetic. If you have the tendency to say “I am sorry” all the time and you feel that any random event could have been caused in some way by you, it is definitely a symptom of low self esteem.

3. Being Nasty and Arrogant

This low self esteem sign may come as a surprise…

Somebody may think that he/she has high self esteem because they feel very superior but the truth is they are unconsciously struggling with self esteem issues.

When somebody seems extremely arrogant, the arrogance may be caused by a poor self image. They are mean because deep underneath they don’t feel deserving of the love and joy of positive relationships. Once again, they feel guilty about something and are unconsciously punishing themselves…

4. Taking Things Personally

There is a beautiful book called "The Four Agreements". It is written by Don Miguel Ruiz, a teacher of the ancient Toltec wisdom in Mexico. He is a Nagual. A Nagual is a teacher that guides an individual to personal freedom. The book talks about the most important agreements that you can have with yourself to lead a life of joy and peace. The 2nd agreement is:

•Don’t take anything personally

What other people tell you about yourself is not really about yourself, it is about themselves! This means that they are judging you based on their own thoughts and feelings that in reality have nothing to do with you.

They are playing their own movie!!! All people live in their own dream. They are dealing with their own fears, beliefs and opinions and what is coming out of their mouths is a reflection of it, so don’t give too much credit to destructive commentaries. Forgive them, do not waste your precious energy on non-sense. Relax! When you manage to be immune to other people’s commentaries/judgments, you are on the path to true happiness!

Other Low Self Esteem Signs
that May Be Overlooked…

Please visit the second part of this article

about low self esteem signs in which we will list those more subtle signs that are easy to overlook, but nevertheless are also hurting yourself.

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