Low Self Esteem Signs
That May Be Overlooked…

As we read on the first part of this article about low self esteem signs, in order to nurture healthy relationships with others, we first need to have a loving and gentle relationship with ourselves.

You can only attract to your life and keep in it, that which you honestly believe you are worthy of having. So each time you doubt yourself, each time you move away from self love, you are creating conflict in your life.

Let’s examine some other low self esteem signs that are more subtle than the ones we saw previously:

1. Not Being Able to Say NO

This is a big one for me. I was raised to be very proper, polite and very likable…. It is difficult for me sometimes to have the firmness to tell somebody "NO, I don’t agree” or “NO, I don’t like that”…

In the past, when I was assertive, I felt that people would like me less or not like me at all, but now I feel much better about myself. I am able to express my true feelings more often and save both parties a lot of misunderstanding.

The people that truly like you will like you despite having different opinions. Remember, assertiveness is healthy for relationships.

2. Being Excessively Modest!

This low self esteem sign is perfect for my brother… I love him dearly but each time you complement him, he will belittle himself. He has a gorgeous voice and has sung professionally for decades but when you tell him how beautiful he has just performed, he will come up with a list of all the things that actually went wrong with the whole performance….

When somebody praises your work, embrace the admiration with love and answer with a wholehearted Thank You!

3. Too Much Shyness.

If it is difficult for you to engage with others and break the ice with strangers, that may be a symptom of low self esteem. You may be too concerned with your self-image and are afraid of being judged by others. As I read somewhere before, “What somebody else thinks about you is none of your business”.

I know it can be difficult but don’t worry. Once you build a little self love it is much easier to interact with people and let your personality shine through.

4. Talk Down to Yourself

When you were a kid and heard from your parents or other adults, that you had to be a good girl/boy and “finish your lunch”, “eat all the vegetables” “make the bed”, you probably got the idea that you were only acceptable if you did certain things in a certain way… You may have nurtured the idea that acceptance and love were conditional. Those early messages definitely shaped the way we see and talk to ourselves...

Pay attention to the way you talk to yourself. If you talk down, over criticize yourself or use negative and limiting words, these are low self esteem signs. Replace those negative words with loving ones. Remember that words carry A LOT of power.

We Are Waiting For You…

If you experience any of these low self esteem signs you may want to consider improving the way you see yourself. There are different ways to build your self esteem and you can find them all here in this website.

The best thing you can do to improve your life, end your depression and feel happy again is to start loving yourself. I know for a fact that you are a lovable and very valuable human being and that with a little willingness and effort you can love and enjoy yourself again.

The Universe is whole and you are an important part of it. We all need your talents to be expressed freely… Please, do not deprive us from them!

If you need to review the first part of this article, click here.

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