Best Yoga Accessories Online

Here is a selection of the best Yoga accessories online. The items I recommend here are all items that I use when I practice my Yoga. The Store I recommend has good quality items at affordable prices.

It is very important to find good quality, comfortable Yoga clothes. Especially, yoga pants. It’s not fun when you can’t enjoy your class due to some tight, ill fitting clothes. Also, remember that a high quality yoga mat is a must!!

Best Yoga Pants

When looking for yoga pants my first concern is that they should be mostly cotton and only a small percentage of spandex. I believe cotton is a good material for working out because it allows natural perspiration of your body.

See here my yoga pants recommendations.

Best Yoga Mats

A good Yoga Mat is indispensable!!! Make sure is non-slippery, meaning that when you are doing your practice you are not going to slip… :)

In my opinion, these are the best yoga mats!

Yoga Mat-Size Towels

A good Mat Size Yoga Towel is indispensable if you are interested in trying out the "Hot Yoga".

Hot Yoga is practiced in rooms that are heated up to 120˚ F. The average is usually 85˚ to 95˚F . This practice may be a bit challenging for the Yoga beginner because the heat really puts a strain in your breathing. But getting rid of all the toxins through the copious sweating is fantastic! And remember, you are the one who sets your own pace. You have to do only what you feel capable of doing.

Comfortable Yoga Wear Rules the Day!

When I go to the yoga studios I really need to have yoga clothes that fit me well and are also comfortable. If not, I’ll get very distracted throughout the class trying to arrange my clothes, my mat and my towel.

P.S. Remember also to wear comfortable underwear because with certain poses wearing a thong can be (in my opinion) a nightmare!!! :)

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