Definition Of Self Esteem:
Going Beyond the Dictionary...

According to the Merrian-Webster Dictionary the definition of self esteem is the regard you have for yourself.

But beyond any definition of self esteem is the fact that self esteem is actually a recognition of our true essence; the grandness of who we really are...

Nothing can be more perfect and flawless than the One Life that permeates us. And when you manage to assimilate that and connect with it, there is no more need to “become” anything different than what you already are. You already are perfection!

Assets, good physical shape, education, etc., are indeed great things to enjoy but they cannot establish your worth, your worth is way beyond them…

What is Self Esteem?

The most appropriate definition of self esteem is the assessment that you have of your own value or worth.

When you are suffering from anxiety and depression the image you have of yourself is usually very poor.

Depressed people believe that they are less than worthless. Well, if this is how you feel, you are not alone. According to medical studies more than 80% of depressed people do not like themselves, they actually think the worst of themselves.

Also, consider this, a poor self image can transform a trivial mistake into a huge personal defeat.

Self Esteem Is and Can Only Be An Inner Value

In our society it is very common that we derive our sense of self value from what others think about us. We think that we must be “somebody” or “make it” in this world to feel important. But this is wrong. We can’t give others the power to decide what our worth is.

But what is self esteem then? The truth is that self esteem is AN INNER VALUE.

Self esteem cannot be based on:

• Assets

• Relationships

• Body appearance

• Titles and Degrees

• Etc., etc., etc….

If our self esteem is based on any of these aspects what we are doing is fooling ourselves. Why? Because those outer aspects are impermanent and sooner or later they will change or even vanish. True self esteem can only be derived from the real connection to our inner being. A being that happens to be one with life itself and in truth, lacks nothing.

What is Self Esteem from a Collective Perspective?

I was born in Colombia, a “poor country”. Also, my family was always financially challenged and the idea of poverty and scarcity was deeply entrenched in my psyche and it sort of permeated my own self image.

I always struggled with an overwhelming lack of confidence in myself. Although I have accomplished everything I had set my mind to do I still felt that it was not enough. I still felt that I was “less” that other people.

But figuring out the connection between “poverty – scarcity - low self esteem” revealed the core of my insecurity. Being aware of that made a world of difference in my life.

Start questioning any beliefs of inadequacy and worthlessness that you may have. Actually, it is imperative that you do so, because if you don’t, not only you but everybody around you will start to believe that you are in fact worthless and inadequate.

Self Esteem is the “Stem” of Your Happiness

A traditional definition of self esteem can go anywhere from self conceit all the way to self respect. But what it is important to know is that self esteem is one of the most important aspects of your well being and happiness.

You cannot be truly happy if you suffer from low self esteem, this is why a very important aspect of recovering from anxiety and depression is to work on improving your self esteem.

If your self esteem is high your life will be a reflection of it, but if your self- image is poor, that is what the world will prove to you. When you improve your self esteem, your life circumstances improve dramatically.

When would be a better time to fall in love with you than now? Waste no more time! The simple fact of being makes you a miracle of life… Reconcile with yourself, Life is waiting with eagerness for you to join with it!

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