Uncovering our Happiness!

Dear Friends,

Hello and welcome to our "Healing News"!

On this issue I want to talk about peace, love and happiness. They are all aspects of our true nature, but in order to reconnect with them we need to clean our system from fear, worries and negative thoughts.

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In This Issue:

1) Finding true happiness: -- Finding true happiness is about finding a state of peace and easiness in which you feel you flow pleasantly through life...

Finding true happiness

2) Are you willing to forgive?: -- If we want to be happy we have to let go of some grievances that we may be carrying along with us...

How to forgive

3) My top 5 ways to be happy: -- We are responsible for our happiness! Here are my top ways for cultivating happiness:

Ways to be happy

And our quote of the month:

“It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day to day basis”

Margaret Bonnano (American Writer)

I hope you find this information helpful. My intention is to always bring some light, love and helpful insights to your day.

If you have any comments, ideas or feedback, I'd love to hear from you! Just reply to this newsletter.

Warmest regards,



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"All I can say is THANKYOU! so much for making this site! I was put on anti-depressants when I was 13 (now 20) after a childhood of severe abuse in every imaginable way. Just a few weeks ago I've come off my medications for good and am never going back. I came across this site today, it has helped so much already!


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